My winter Break

During winter break I did a lot of things. For one I went to my cousin’s house for christmas. I was there the whole day playing video games, opening presents, and eating dinner. I also stayed up until 3 in the morning everyday watching movies and now I am really tired. And finally I spent the rest of break with my mom, dad, and brothers.


What i want for christmas

Tell you the truth i really don’t want anything for christmas. I just like spending time with my family and friends during the christmas season. I will Probably Be going to my Aunts house to play video game, and maybe play basketball with my cousins. other than that i want it to snow on christmas.


Ok so yesterday was pretty boring. I watched football with my family. The browns beat the falcons and the packers beat the vikings, but what made mad was my baby brother threw up on my new shirt. I wasn’t mad at him personally but just mad that my new shirt was ruined. other than that I ate dinner, read my book, and went to bed.

last night I found more interesting books to read. I started reading The IQ series and there are six books and the order goes like this: Book one Independence Hall, Book two Th White House, Book three Kitty Hawk, Book four The Alamo, Book five The Windy city, and book six Alcatraz. They are stories about a boy named Quest ‘Q’ and his older sister angela. Angela’s mom was a secret service agent who was pronounced dead until later was introduced to a man named boone who showed her a video that prooved her mom had a twin who was an assassin  who saved her and sacrificed herself to protect her from terrorist who believe her twin anmar is angela’s mom and want to kill her, her daughter, and anyone who gets in their way.

The House of Hades

Today’s post talks about The House of Hades. The House of hades is a the forth book in the series the heroes of olympus. This book talks about how Jason, Leo, Piper, Hazel, Frank, and Nico have to journey to the other side of the doors of death to find both percy and annabeth. They have to guide themselves through mountains and angry mountain gods, Learn to use the mist to defeat  a witch, and free their friends before time runs out and prevent a war between the two demigod camps or else the children of Gaea will destroy them both and rule the world.

To find out more about the series and the new book: The Blood of Olympus go to this website.

that’s all for today see ya.